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May 23, 2011


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Erin McGuire

These are just great.

iphone cases

Hey. Great site you've got here. I love the format and the blogging platform you use. I'm not sure what it is? Wordpress? Thanks!


Any chance someone will be able to purchase these at some point from the States? Matilda is my favorite ever (she is tattooed on my shoulder) and these posters make me the happiest.



Jim Stuks

I think I prefer the original poster to that of the Cambridge Theatre show.

J Smart

I would also love to purchase one of the Matilda The Musical posters for my daughters bedroom (the top picture). Is there anywhere I can do this?

Kate Holland

Are these posters for sale? I am in Australia and my daughter's school is putting together a Roald Dahl Booth for an exhibition

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