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July 20, 2011


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I love it! Are you going to sell a print?

Marie Bergeron

This is beauty Bann. Great work.

J. Argyl Plath

Second on the print. I'd buy it straight away. Please contact me at the included email address if so.

Desiree Moore

This is beautiful. This tiny little ship on the magnificent waves, but with his little anchor dropped, he seems so confident. Love the color palette. I triple(?) on the print.
Included you in my (new) linked blog. :)

jenny w.

Reminds me of the work of the Post Impressionist painter Robert Delaunay (1885-1941). Good.

Candin Phillips

Have we decided whether or not there is a print of this? I found the image on pinterest and fell in love.

Andrew Bannecker

Thanks all. I am going to make it available to buy. Should be very soon.



Yay to being able to purchase!!


I'm also interested in a print.


I'd love a print of this! msjessica1230@gmail.com

Jim Smith

Andrew, Majestic work. Would I be able to use your Night Falls, with full credit to you, of course, as inspiration of one of our quilts? See my site, Quilts SB at http://quiltsb.blogspot.com. Please contact me... Thanks, Jim

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