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November 14, 2011


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Mitch Blunt

love these so much. Smart!

Laura Booth

Inspirational. I love them.

Dean Rohrer

these are fantastic--bravo


Exceptional design. Great work!


Genius! I would definitely pinch these posters from the billboards if I lived in east coast USA

emily b

These are brilliant. Great, great work!

Jacqi Roueché

Wow Andrew! This are just magnificent - amazing talent!!!


Thank you all so much. It was a great campaign to work on. Such fun!


Jo Brodie

These are really lovely :)


I adore these! Great work, they make me happy.

Ran Barton

Terrific. Amtrak should never let you out of their sight. If I may, what is the meaning of the 572011 on the nose of the engine in the Springfield Shuttle iteration?


Great job Andrew. And the tie-in with Wi-Fi... spot on.

Steven Byrd

I think the concept is AWESOME!!!! but the one thing that sort of irks me is the colors alternating in the words. It sort of sacrificed readability. I do think it works with something like the second one that says ADIRONDACK where the colors are more monochromatic, but for example, the poster at the top has a heavy contrast in color when changing each letter. That is what takes the readability down. Over all though, these posters are absolutely terrific! Great work!


Awesome! No Hiawatha???


Do you know if there is any chance of purchasing one of these?


Chicago: brought to you by Bethlehem Steel

Doug CohenMiller

Really wonderful. Are there going to be posters/wifi service for western routes? Would love to see your edition for the Sunset Limited, Texas Eagle, or the Coast Starlight!

maillot chicago bulls

Ik ben het eens met uw conclusies en zal gretig naar uit te kijken naar uw inkomende updates. Gewoon zeggen dankzij zal alleen niet voldoende zijn, voor de prachtige duidelijkheid in uw writing.It is het noodzakelijk dat we blog post aandachtig te lezen. Ik ben al gedaan en vinden dat dit bericht is echt geweldig.

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